Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Little disappointed that it froze after my birthday; I'd never seen that. Not sure if it killed my pepper plants. Of course, I'm not sure peppers or anything will grow up here, but I do know that some people have greenhouses and that seems to work ok, at least for starting them out. I may be looking into greenhouse science very shortly.

And, there is still a little snow in places. You see it when you're driving around, and, up against mountains that shield things from the sun, there isn't enough sun to melt it, apparently. If you're up against that ridge, forget it, you don't get a whole lot of sun in winter. Which brings up an issue: it's entirely possible for two different houses, on the same road, to have completely different climates, one with lots more sun than the other, and therefore, much warmer. Not sure where we fall in this spectrum; we get some sun, sometimes. We're high on a ridge, so we can at least see the sun a lot.

We're coming up to a year here in Cloudcroft. I still feel like I know next to nothing. I know a lot of people, though. I'm sure I'll find out soon enough!

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